Friday, June 15, 2007

i am snuggly.
and snuggling next to a v. pretty girl.
her name is steve (don't ask).
and she spoons like a champion.

so, no one knows i've started blogging again.
(except for joel ... hi joel!)
it's partly a reaction to the terroring reign of facebook that i've returned to the blogger world...

i am rambling.
i am in bed.
i am tussled.
i am being serenaded by steve.
she does a mean norah jones.

this didn't make any sense.
g'night :)


joel said...

hi laura,
steve seems like a fun girl...
how do you know her and why don't i?

Kirsten said...

I like the green.

laura helena said...

steve IS a fun girl.

as for your question ... i can afford her and you can't?
:P heh.

i like the green too!

JvO said...

welcome back! :)

Rod and Bec said...

I'm glad you're back, Laura.

laura helena said...

i suppose i'm not really back. it was really just a tease :)